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02 June / / Uncategorized / RaspberryPi
Context Recently, I started working on some Raspberry Pi projects, but the most frustrating part of that experience was to access the raspberry pi during development. I had the following options: Use the Television at my place as a monitor over HDMI (not great pixel quality) and use wired keyboard and mouse to control. This was troublesome since I could only develop when I’m at my place and the Television is free.
After a long delay I finally mustered up the courage to build the query ranking module. Some scary stuff. Here are the problems I’ve been facing whenever I start building this. The ranking requires the table’s Foreign Key structure. Once the query generation is done, the recursive calls along with Javascript’s callbacks is a nightmare. Callbacks are being received even after sending the output. Some relations between the tables are discovered even after ranking.
22 August / / Uncategorized
Google Summer of Code (GSOC) Apache Syncope An Open Source Identity Management System Ready for a new start? The community bonding period has ended and we have reached the most awaited Coding Period. Been waiting for this day since long and it is every bit as exciting as I imagined. Don’t yet know what I’m talking about? Well let me tell you! My proposal got accepted earlier and I am now a Google Summer of Code Student.
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Since the time I started using Linux, I have faced many problems for the configuration of the system for various programs and applications. Mostly these configuration problems arise from the fact that my college (and campus hostel) allows me to connect to the internet only through an NTLM authenticated proxy. Most applications in windows don’t even support an authenticated proxy. To resolve this, I have been using cntlm which allows me to authenticate and decrypt outgoing and incoming requests on the go as long as I use it’s HTTP proxy.
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RECAP:   I tried working on Firebase libraries that would allow a user to save a local snapshot of the data stored online and then access and amend it. However, javascript does not allow you to access or modify locally stored files (unless the user provides the location of the file as an HTML5 input).   Since I had to complete the project within the deadline, I decided to build a JavaFX based application which would be able to access and modify online as well as offline data.
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If you are reading this article, I presume that you have been through the painful moment when you realize that you have to complete a project by tomorrow and you just don’t feel like it. For some of us the project is a website. For others it might be an application. And the most dreaded part of any such project is the implementation of design.   Many a times I have found myself frustrated on a simple layout just thinking what went wrong and why doesn’t the layout look like I want it to.
Google Summer of Code (GSOC) Apache Syncope An Open Source Identity Management System Introduction Apache syncope is an identity management system which essentially means that it allows enterprises to maintain information and credentials for their employees in an organized and efficient way. It is a real world solution for a pressing problem. Apache Syncope is an Open Source system for managing digital identities in enterprise environments, implemented in Java EE technology and released under Apache 2.
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Next week, I will be presenting in the Dehradun city-wide Maker Party of the Firefox Club in UPES. The topic of my Presentation is POLYMER which is a tool I discovered and learned to work with last summer. Here’s the Prezi Presentation I created today. [prezi id=”2hbpjivpdf3_” align=center width=1000] This was also a great opportunity to tinker with Prezi, an online presentation tool which provides a radical way of creating presentations instead of the classic page wise navigation in classic presentations.