Query Ranking in Real Life (Part 1)

After a long delay I finally mustered up the courage to build the query ranking module. Some scary stuff. Here are the problems I’ve been facing whenever I start building this.

  • The ranking requires the table’s Foreign Key structure. Once the query generation is done, the recursive calls along with Javascript’s callbacks is a nightmare.
  • Callbacks are being received even after sending the output. Some relations between the tables are discovered¬†even after ranking. This is troubling.
  • I tried to deal with promises but combined with the already scary ranking algorithm and multi-module structure this will just take more time than I have.

So I am switching to a new approach of this as suggested by a colleague.

  1. Get the foreign key structure before the server starts and prepare a searchable graph.
  2. Once the queries are generated, score them on the searchable graph in a sequential for loop.
  3. Minimize the use of callbacks as far as possible.

This github repo is the exact thing I need to make the graph searchable. Go Open Source and go NPM. Just add the package and you’ve got a working system.