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02 June 2018 / / Uncategorized / RaspberryPi
Context Recently, I started working on some Raspberry Pi projects, but the most frustrating part of that experience was to access the raspberry pi during development. I had the following options: Use the Television at my place as a monitor over HDMI (not great pixel quality) and use wired keyboard and mouse to control. This was troublesome since I could only develop when I’m at my place and the Television is free.
After a long delay I finally mustered up the courage to build the query ranking module. Some scary stuff. Here are the problems I’ve been facing whenever I start building this. The ranking requires the table’s Foreign Key structure. Once the query generation is done, the recursive calls along with Javascript’s callbacks is a nightmare. Callbacks are being received even after sending the output. Some relations between the tables are discovered even after ranking.
For now, I have chosen packet for the trial server even though the cost is high. The specs are good (even for entry level containers) and I got some credits to work with initially. So I setup the ssh keys for login and got to work. The github repository for parsey mcparseface and syntaxnet is available here and it also lists out the steps required to setup syntaxnet and get it working.
06 June 2016 / / DJ Collab
A meteor based web application which allows users to collaborate to modify the queue for a designated player device (playing audio files stored on server using HTML5). So, I heard somewhere that meteor was a great framework to build full-fledged JS applications with server and client code (I know it’s called full-stack). Unsurprisingly, I wanted to play with it and so, I came up with the idea for a centralized music playing system which can be remotely controlled.