Voice based query interface for database: Data Collection

We have collected the data for the application area that we are working on and that is in the field of medical where we will get to know what medicine a person should take and what are its symptoms and in what quantity it should be taken. Such queries can arise in the mind of a patient so we have collected basic queries that a person can ask using our day-to-day language and in this we have taken about 150-200 queries that a person can put up. These are some of the links from where we have collected data related to this thing.





For example, a person can ask how to intake this medicine and for that the different queries can be asked and that is shown below:

Whether to take it with water, food, or with a special medicine, or at the same time as other medicines.

A person could ask about the side effects a query for that is :

What are the possible side effects and what do I do if they occur?

Different queries can be asked related to the different medicines and different disease that can occur:

What will take the horrific anxiety away that has occurred in the last 3 weeks from gabapentin?

I have Opthalmic PHN and can’t take a lot of drugs due to reactions. Is there a patch I can use?