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28 August / / Project / Ubuntu Touch Port
So I finally decided to go with Linux Mint for the platform on which I would build the Ubuntu Touch Port. This is only a temporary decision though since I can change it to Ubuntu or anything else if it doesn’t fulfill my needs. Why Linux Mint?┬áBecause it recently I installed Windows 10 (relatively new right now) on my system and it has a great UI. So I was looking for a distribution that would be able to compete with that.
26 August / / Project / Ubuntu Touch Port
As a Minor Project for my College, I have decided upon making a port for Ubuntu Touch to a mobile device. I also have 3 of my friends who will be helping me in completing this project. We haven’t yet decided the┬ádevice we are going to build the ROM for (Moto G3 or the OnePlus One). This is because even though building it for OnePlus One would be easier, it already has an 80% functional (some functionalities missing) port of Ubuntu Touch for it.