Apache SYNCOPE Eclipse Plugin: Update #5

htmlhelpers package

The following files are available in the htmlhelpers package

  • AssistInfo.java: Provides replace functionality for template content
  • AttributeInfo.java: Identifies attribute for html tags
  • AutoIndentAction.java: Provides logic for auto indentation of html code
  • CSSBlockScanner.java: Provides logic for CSS block identification
  • CSSRule.java: Provides logic for CSS code identification
  • DocTypeRule.java: Provides logic for html doctype tag identification
  • HTMLAutoEditStrategy.java: Provides logic for html content assist
  • HTMLCompletionProcessor.java: Provides logic for html code auto-completion
  • HTMLContextType.java: Provides logic for html content identification
  • HTMLFileDocumentProvider.java: Defines content types allowed in an html content
  • HTMLPartitionScanner.java: Provides logic for html block identification
  • HTMLScanner.java: Provides logic for html parsing
  • HTMLTagDamagerRepairer.java: Provides logic for html tag identification
  • HTMLTagScanner.java: Provides logic for html tag parsing
  • HTMLTemplateAssistProcessor.java: Provides logic for html content assist
  • HTMLTemplateManager.java: Links HTML content type to the HTML content
  • HTMLWhitespaceDetector.java: Provides logic for whitespace detection in html content
  • IHTMLColorConstants.java: Provides constants for html syntax highlighting colors
  • InnerCSSScanner.java: Provides logic for CSS parsing
  • InnerJavaScriptScanner.java: Provides logic for Javascript parsing
  • JavaScriptDamagerRepairer.java: Provides logic for JS code identification
  • JavaScriptScanner.java: Provides logic for JS code parsing
  • JavaWordDetector.java: Provides logic for JS identifier detection
  • SyncopeTagRule.java: Provides logic for syncope code identification
  • SyncopeTagScanner.java: Provides logic for syncope code parsing
  • TagDefinition.java: Provides definitions for different html tags
  • TagInfo.java: Provides info about html tags
  • TagRule.java: Provides rules for html tags
  • TextInfo.java: Provides generic methodology for simple text content

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